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Episodes of the CaffiNation

CaffiNation 534: Been a Long time


There is a lot to go through this week, everything from the past 3 weeks rolled into one crazy quick moving show. X wing’s for beards, stormtroopers on bikes and the best in geek chic, We hit all the high points, cover the coffee and rock out everything you know you’re waiting to find out about an awesome new game.

CaffiNation 533: Tiny 3D


Ok so this show almost didn’t happen, I have no energy so i decided to throw in the towel, but since this is the first day of summer I’d go back in the archives and pull out some awesome food stuff, and relate the super geeky week I’ve had.

We hit up some of the fun comic stuff we have seen come around, the avengers a little graffiti, a little coffee, a little BBQ, and a little light heated joking. All in all a nice show.

CaffiNation 532: Game On


Tonight we discuss the Stars, the internet, a little movie trivia, and slip through some of the Comic news, touch on a little zombie madness and wander through pop culture. The world is pretty full of crazy stuff right now. We try to bring you only the best and brightest to delight your ears.

CaffiNation 530: Snark and Food


Jokes will be made, laughter will happen. And by the end of it you’ll be showing us with cash and prizes… Ok maybe not the last one but serious how can a show that talks about Pinky and the Brain, Jack Daniels, Thor, The Avengers, Facebook, Ketchup and Rick Rolling not end up being fantastic?

CaffiNation 528: Perfect, Hardly


Tonight’s show is all over the map from leftover jokes to British style we hit all the finer points of geekery and wallow in the more base elements of foodery and foolery. The Jokes are fresh and the rhymes are swinging. A huge apology to anyone with sensitive ears, the quality for this show is far below what we usually produce. We had a feedback issue on one of the open mics. The people responsible have been sacked.

CaffiNation 524: Pi Day


Today’s show should be good a lot of fun planned from Presenting gaffs, numerical wonders and a bit of coffee news to ramble over. We have easter prep, Coffee art, and a lot of love for the inane.

CaffiNation 523: Manly Skulls


Tonight’s show is going to be fun. We have candy skulls, espresso, beautiful videos, and geek culture to discuss. Consider us the friends you invite over for a coffee, but stay for the geek! Mario with portals, Legos, Coffee… who could ask for anything else. We touch on manly things and manly stories, because we’re men… But it’s all in good fun there is a lot of disjointed information in tonights show, things from all parts of the internet. So sit down and grab a notebook, there will be a test later.