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I could wax poetic about the struggles on an online world. But seriously stop reading and go to    It’s a …


XCOM Enemy Unknown: Review

So what is  XCOM Enemy Unknown? First off despite some of the more awesome trailers like you see below it is a …


NBA 2k13

When you run a video game sports franchise and you update your title every year you run the risk of falling flat. …


XCOM Enemy Unknown: Giveaway!

So the time has come to pregame for yet another CaffiNation Video game review. Up this time is  XCOM Enemy Unknown. A …

angrybirds star wars

Angry Birds, Star Wars

Angry Birds Start Wars  the name alone pretty much sells the product, you know what you are getting and what it will …


PAC-MAN… What have you DONE!

The wonderful people behind the world of Pakkuman!, know to many of you as  PAC-MAN. Have decided that now would be an …


NBA2K 13: Game On! Giveaway

Hi Folks, it’s that time again we are preparing a  review  of a new game coming out today, and in the process …


CaffiNation Reviews: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is one of the top 5 titles to have been released in the last 5 years. It is that fun. The off color jokes are that good and funny, the landscape is that expansive. And the story-line just plain works. There are guns everywhere, there are characters, like good old fashioned western characters everywhere.

Bad Piggies-big

CaffiNation Review: Bad Piggies!

We take a look at the brand new game from Rovio with a Critical Eye, How does it stack up against the past sucesses, and how playable is the game by the kiddies?


Guardians of Middle Earth

I love JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth. I’ve been a fan since I learned to read. I’ve inhaled almost everything the man has …