I have been known to enjoy a good cup of coffee now and again, but when i get a chance to try out a new coffee offering, no matter the source it’s always a good thing. Many thanks the the fine folks at 7 eleven for sharing the Brazilian Dark Roast Coffee.

From time to time when I review i product i get sideswiped. Usually its for the worst. However this time i was taken for a very nice surprise. I had a chance to try the new Brazilian Dark Roasted coffee, from 7 Eleven. While i taste tested i threw together a little first impression video.

The parts and pieces not in the video are simple. I was not expecting coffee this fresh and frankly coffee this tasty.I’m used to getting my coffee fix in all forms and sizes. Some ¬†convenience store coffee is awesome, others not so much. This one surprised me. It was way better than I was expecting. If you find youself in need of some dark roasted goodness you would do well to pick up some tasty Brazilian Dark Roast from your nearest 7 Eleven!

coffee close


Full Disclosure: I was sent this product to try at no cost. This did not affect the outcome of the review in any way.

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