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Coffee Confession Time

Buying coffee from a supermarket is a  truly  scary endeavor at times. And Mike has his tips down pretty spot on, I …

CaffiNation 449: Tracking


Tonight’s show has a bit of things you may hear elsewhere, Like Net Neutrality and Facebook Places A bit you may find intriguing like Coffee toothpicks and bits that just had to be shared because of their sheer awesomeness, like a set of filing cabinets… Wait…. Doesn’t sound too awesome? Well you need to listen in to find out why they ARE!

CaffiNation 430: Absurd


On today’s show we discuss the video rundown from last week, Lasers, Darth Vader, Knock off Toys, Google drops a lawn ornament, Steve Jobs defends his ideas, and The Grill gets its due.

CaffiNation 429: Civic Duty


Tonights show was all about geek culture, from awesome retro designs, to knowledge you might need in a battle of geeks, we round out the show with a little zombie blood, some fresh steamed eggs and a whole serving of awesome piped right into your ears.

CaffiNation 428: Loaded


Tonights show is a cobbled together bit of fun from the wilds of the internet. Space, Privacy, Aliens, Robots and Coffee are all big. So we talk about a bit from each of those categories as well as a few select nuggets from beyond those as well.

CaffiNation 425: Confluence


A fun episode with lots of good and shiny articles, We cover topics from how to wash your bling to horrible and beautiful design. Dogs and Cats living together… The wonder of a good cup of tea and how technology and process affect the coffee you drink. Plus we make a couple of horrible puns as per usual along the way, how can you not be excited about that?

CaffiNation 424: Down with the Sickness


Besides all that today’s show has a nice eclectic feel for the content. Being that I amassed the stories over the past little while its a true blend of all the best and brightest news and fun stuff from the internet over the past week or so. Hopefully you like Hockey, Aliens, Coffee, Baristas, Apple, Hulu, Crayons and more

CaffiNation 423: 30


So I’m 30 now, new decade, same mission. I’ve sworn to bring the fun, and often overlooked bits of web detritus and caffeinated goodness to your ears, twice weekly. While not yet at the age of adulthood for a hobbit i find myself once more just the right age for a man. This week’s show has a mix of both old and new, retro goodies nestles in between bits of current news and interesting stories. Bonus points for the first person to tell me what the hobbit age of adulthood is. :-D

CaffiNation 415: Espress-Oh!


General News and tomfoolery seen through a hazy weekend. But that little fact can’t stop the awesome news and tech we have coming for you tonight. I have a heavy does of reality and honest to goodness real news to talk about from apple running at HTC to the importance of Adopt a Newb. You’ll need to listen to find out the particulars