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Everyman Espresso vs the State

What happens when a NY based business takes graphic liberties with a tried and true marketing gem from the 70’s? Lawsuits… that’s …

Need More Coffee

Yup… Think the more you watch the more coffee I drink… By the by this was created with Social Gif  if you …

CaffiNation Stats

So the CaffiNation Podcast has been on the Air a while now. Here are the stats, facts a figures I discussed on …

CaffiNaton 476: Gears


Geek week review. Off kilter news and stories designed to get your geek going and tickle your nerd. High Octane Caffeinated and Energized. Hitting on Apple Products, geek culture and cooking fun

CaffiNation Reviews: The Smart Grinder From Breville

The wrong settings can ruin a cup for french press, destroy an espresso machine or make your autodrip nice and weak. Enter the latest item to cross my desk. The wondrous Breville Smart Grinder, BCG800XL. Breville was nice enough to send me the unit to review. I wanted to put the machine through a real world test, and that meant drinking a lot of coffee. I tried them all from French press to cold brew, espresso to Greek coffee.

CaffiNation 467: Janus


Janus, the Roman god most commonly found on coinage has the unique ability among that pantheon of looking both backwards and forwards. Probably the same sentiment expressed by the common idiom, “You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.” It is in his honor that we offer up this episode to you. Janus is also the root word for January, see where this is headed? Of course you do! Each one of you is as smart and beautiful as they come, mainly because you listen to this show.

This show will turn 5 years old on January 9th 2011. I’ve been blogging a good deal longer than that in one form or another. The site and the idea were going to be a webcomic, but I can’t draw, and I’m not really all that funny… So I decided my two passions of geekery and coffee needed a home and the CaffiNation was born. I even delayed doing the first show a couple of months until I had a good intro music. Tonight’s show is going to look back at this past year and pull some of my favorite pieces out. While at the same time giving you a glimpse into what we are thinking for the future.

Be Thankful and Get Fun Stuff!

So it is that time of year again when everyone gathers around a large table, eats  copious  amounts of homecooked food and …

CaffiNation 456: Buzz


A bevy of off the wall news, and interesting topics to ponder. We managed to find a good crop of Coffee and caffeine related goodies to share today. From modern takes on classic art, to Lego minfig stickers we have a ton of fun content to share won’t you join us?