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Combat Kitchenware

Who doesn’t like cooking? I love cooking, and I like weapons, specifically swords… why not combine the two? Combat Kitchenware by James …

Pirate Firepit

Some men make firepits out of stone and metal. Some men cook their meat on a grill powered by dead dinosaurs. Other …


Salt and Pepper Robots

We here at the CaffiNation love us some robotic fun. But how cool would it be to throw a little locomotion into …

CaffiNaton 476: Gears


Geek week review. Off kilter news and stories designed to get your geek going and tickle your nerd. High Octane Caffeinated and Energized. Hitting on Apple Products, geek culture and cooking fun

Intelligent Tabletop Grill

    As geeky and interesting as this idea is,  The Intelligent Tabletop Grill, is all about  taking the fun and skill …


Robots and Your Health

In deference to our robotic overloads, our future shiny masters as the case may be, we are going to keep this piece …