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Barcade Philly!

You know… I was just thinking how much I would love to be able to play retro video games (1980’s Style), and …

CaffiNation 455 Say What?


On the actual episode we have a caffeinated quirky legal defense, some awesome cake presentations, a video game review, a little note to the techs of the world to slow down every once in a while. What if R2D2 was made entirely of game consoles? What if you had a graphic to describe just how awesome Nachos can be! How do you get a coffee blogger to visit your cafe? All of the questions will be talked about. I’m not a religion and I can’t promise answers or truth I just give insight and opinion. This is my world you’re all just drinking my coffee.

CaffiNation 444: Rambling Man


I have a bunch of fun lighthearted news stories for you from the tech realm, and awesome bit of geek cookery on the caffeinated bit side, so you wanted Caffeinated steak? I have that one, and it tasted oh so good.

CaffiNation 429: Civic Duty


Tonights show was all about geek culture, from awesome retro designs, to knowledge you might need in a battle of geeks, we round out the show with a little zombie blood, some fresh steamed eggs and a whole serving of awesome piped right into your ears.

CaffiNation 423: 30


So I’m 30 now, new decade, same mission. I’ve sworn to bring the fun, and often overlooked bits of web detritus and caffeinated goodness to your ears, twice weekly. While not yet at the age of adulthood for a hobbit i find myself once more just the right age for a man. This week’s show has a mix of both old and new, retro goodies nestles in between bits of current news and interesting stories. Bonus points for the first person to tell me what the hobbit age of adulthood is. :-D