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Caffination 482: May the Fourth


An over abundance of Star Wars related Content, Tasty and Geeky side of the force hard moving from Cookies to Cases, Toys to Toast the fun just doesn’t stop. We have Zombie Safe Houses, Real Life Zombie brain cells, and of course the origen of the zombies. the SMURFS!

HipstaCase, Retro iPhone fun

    I personally think instagram is the bane of photographers everywhere. Any goofball with an app and an iphone tries  to …

CaffiNation 449: Tracking


Tonight’s show has a bit of things you may hear elsewhere, Like Net Neutrality and Facebook Places A bit you may find intriguing like Coffee toothpicks and bits that just had to be shared because of their sheer awesomeness, like a set of filing cabinets… Wait…. Doesn’t sound too awesome? Well you need to listen in to find out why they ARE!

CaffiNation 445: Little Helper


Today’s show has a ton of great tech in the lineup, a bevy of awesome food and coffee related articles at its beckon call but more than anything is has the warm assistance of my new baby girl helping out in the wee hours. It seems she’s a night owl like her father.

CaffiNation 441: Countdown


So there are plenty of things to talk about today, information security, LED’s, Zombies, Espresso, hacking and iPhones, because what would round out a fun old fashioned mish mash of an episode like a complete 360 of internet and caffeine culture?

CaffiNation 440: Clean Geek


Tonight’s show we talk about Star Wars, again! propaganda again! and steampunk AGAIN! The topics are staying the same but the content just keeps flowing. The good thing is that the content, like a grape left on the vine through a frost, is only getting sweeter. We have plenty of cruft from all different angles pouring in so sit back, grab a mug and enjoy the ride!

Caffination 438: Prep


Tonights show we talk about steam punk transformers, a change in coffee attitude, latitude and temperature, as well as lot of Vader. Geek out with a lovely little wander through the good and the bad of the android and apple, star wars and sci fi.

CaffiNation 425: Confluence


A fun episode with lots of good and shiny articles, We cover topics from how to wash your bling to horrible and beautiful design. Dogs and Cats living together… The wonder of a good cup of tea and how technology and process affect the coffee you drink. Plus we make a couple of horrible puns as per usual along the way, how can you not be excited about that?