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Iced Coffee, The right way

Never knew I had a method to making good iced coffee, I only knew my iced coffee i made at home always …

Coffee spa in Japan

You know some of these days are hard on my ageing bones. I think a nice spa day would feel fantastic… But …

Gojira invades the mall

Although decorating the tree for  Christmas  is festive, I believe making it look like a monster would scar the kids for life…especially …

CaffiNaton 476: Gears


Geek week review. Off kilter news and stories designed to get your geek going and tickle your nerd. High Octane Caffeinated and Energized. Hitting on Apple Products, geek culture and cooking fun

Elfoid Humanoid Phone

  Behold the Elfoid. This tiny Mouth of Sauron is the next generation of mobile technology. To boil it down to its …

Japanese Tsunami

As a site that makes its living off of human connections The CaffiNation is a meeting ground for many different cultures. And …

CaffiNation 463: Party Hardy


We touch on the TSA scanner kerfuffle, the naughty bits that need hiding and the wonderful bits the world needs to see. Bits such as a superhero grandmother, a boat made of bacon, a gun for jenga, and a model hobbit home. All awesome little bits of fluff to keep you entertained over the long weekend