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Curiosity, the tourist

Curiosity not only takes it’s own pictures… and has a twitter account, but is probably experimenting with opening a tumblr and a …

Hot Wheels in Space!

August 6th 2012, the date when the latest rover will land on the surface of another world. Complete with a nuclear motor, …

We Stopped Dreaming

Are you a geek? Are you a dreamer? Do you like SciFi, trips the the moon, The Martian Chronicles, Seeing the sunsrise …

CaffiNation 425: Confluence


A fun episode with lots of good and shiny articles, We cover topics from how to wash your bling to horrible and beautiful design. Dogs and Cats living together… The wonder of a good cup of tea and how technology and process affect the coffee you drink. Plus we make a couple of horrible puns as per usual along the way, how can you not be excited about that?