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PAC-MAN… What have you DONE!

The wonderful people behind the world of Pakkuman!, know to many of you as  PAC-MAN. Have decided that now would be an …

Pale Ale for Retro Gamers

I am not particulary fond of beer. I prefer harder beverages. However, I am quite intrigued to try out the 8-Bit Pale …

CaffiNation 471: Troubles and Tots


But Tonight’s show is going to be a fun one. I’ve taken all the news I would normally talk about and pulled out only the best stories from the past two weeks. Hopefully it will go as smooth as I planned. But honestly, does anything really every go that well around here?

CaffiNation 457: Dull Roar


We discuss Pacman’s Anniversary, Pixel Shaped Glasses, Coffee leaf rust, and the wonders of robots with cupcakes! So many topics and such a fun time with the live event that I simply had to use the full extent of the time. This actually is one of the longer shows we have done in a while. I hope you enjoy

CaffiNation 432: Traction


Tonight We’re Talking about Pacman, Nintendo, Wii, Sony, iPads, iPhones, Beverages, Coffee Tea and Bacon Beer, Invisible sharks, and walls of plants. With so many off the wall topics you need to listen in to get a handle on all of them.

CaffiNation 428: Loaded


Tonights show is a cobbled together bit of fun from the wilds of the internet. Space, Privacy, Aliens, Robots and Coffee are all big. So we talk about a bit from each of those categories as well as a few select nuggets from beyond those as well.

CaffiNation 423: 30


So I’m 30 now, new decade, same mission. I’ve sworn to bring the fun, and often overlooked bits of web detritus and caffeinated goodness to your ears, twice weekly. While not yet at the age of adulthood for a hobbit i find myself once more just the right age for a man. This week’s show has a mix of both old and new, retro goodies nestles in between bits of current news and interesting stories. Bonus points for the first person to tell me what the hobbit age of adulthood is. :-D

CaffiNation 407: SNOMG


I love snow and i love the cold so i’v been in a very tired heaven this year. This is also not the officially snowiest winter in Philadelphia history with over 60 inches of snowfall since December. Wow! Tonights bit of snowy awesomeness covers robots, design principles, retro game cakes and coffee best practices, and new wave building materials.

Hot Mugs, Cool Art

I know I’ve put a moratorium on new mugs in the house, but i might have to either break the moratorium or …