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Robot Juice: Coffee

Coffee + Shirt = Awesome. Throw a dash of 8 bit love down the pipe as well.. and well you get this …

CaffiNation 457: Dull Roar


We discuss Pacman’s Anniversary, Pixel Shaped Glasses, Coffee leaf rust, and the wonders of robots with cupcakes! So many topics and such a fun time with the live event that I simply had to use the full extent of the time. This actually is one of the longer shows we have done in a while. I hope you enjoy

CaffiNation 421: Sur-Prise!


This show runs the gamut of geek culture and coffee nerdness, From Legos and Zoo animals to pranks gone wrong, we have a good deal of retro fun in this episode with tributes to all the classics you know and love as well as some you may have forgotten