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CaffiNaton 476: Gears


Geek week review. Off kilter news and stories designed to get your geek going and tickle your nerd. High Octane Caffeinated and Energized. Hitting on Apple Products, geek culture and cooking fun

CaffiNation Reviews: Wings of Nature Almond Raisin Bar

The Wings of Nature Almond Raisin Bars are a new type of snack bar on the market right now. They are gluten free, with no trans fat, and have no refined sugar added to them. That’s all well and good but how do they taste?

CaffiNation 410: Befuddled


Tonight’s Show we talk about giant LEGO robots, massive man made machines and ghostbusters on the wii. We touch on location based problems with Google buzz and tap into the latest in serious real world problems facing the tech of today. But nothing too serious wouldn’t want anyone to learn anything too quickly now would we?

CaffiNation Review: GoodSync

How many people know the worth of their files? You will only truly know after they are gone. I was recently asked …

CaffiNation Review of Woopra

“There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.”~Mark Twain & Benjamin Disraeli You’ve heard the phrase before, you’ve probably even been a victim …