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CaffiNation 459: Troubles


Today we discuss everything from Apples, to Apple, Coffee to Hobbies, and Why the Math defeated the germans. We also return to a security discussion from before as well as a couple of other fun tidbits along the way.

CaffiNation 458: Limits


So many things going on, and lots of blog activity this past week. I have been lucky enough to have been offered the chance to review some pretty interesting stuff, so in case you missed it we discuss them here

School Laptop Fallout

By now most people have heard of the situation in Lower Merion PA where a student was given a laptop and information …

Wardriving Made Easy

A simple enough hack but ingenious. Take one part Wifi Detecting shirt from Thinkgeek, subtract fabric with scissors. Add in your car …

Security Tools Rundown

As any good kid from the 80’s will tell you “Knowing is half the battle” and G.I. Joe wasn’t far off in …

What do I want?

Most of you might not know this but the anniversary of my birth happens next week, after tax day, so even entering …