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Starbucks Brand Fail

Apparently… even the vans know the deep dark truth behind their too burnt offerings masquerading as coffee. But what this really is …

CaffiNation 524: Pi Day


Today’s show should be good a lot of fun planned from Presenting gaffs, numerical wonders and a bit of coffee news to ramble over. We have easter prep, Coffee art, and a lot of love for the inane.

Create-Your-Own Mug

Not sure when this came out but I love the idea. Starbucks has debuted a larger mug with a special coating on …

Combat Coffee 101

A word of warning… Coarse and Hilarious Language. Soldiers give up a lot to defend their country but does it have to …

CaffiNation 469: Coffee Break


Tonight’s show is being dedicated to and hijacked by the coffee industry. Not only did I find a good number of coffee stories to keep things moving but some oldies and goodies came back. mix one part highly caffeinated host, two parts free time and 1 part microphone and you get what we had here today. We have Coffee poems, Coffee Cooking, Coffee Ads, Coffee Songs, Coffee graphics, coffee grinders, Coffee LEGO!

CaffiNation 467: Janus


Janus, the Roman god most commonly found on coinage has the unique ability among that pantheon of looking both backwards and forwards. Probably the same sentiment expressed by the common idiom, “You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.” It is in his honor that we offer up this episode to you. Janus is also the root word for January, see where this is headed? Of course you do! Each one of you is as smart and beautiful as they come, mainly because you listen to this show.

This show will turn 5 years old on January 9th 2011. I’ve been blogging a good deal longer than that in one form or another. The site and the idea were going to be a webcomic, but I can’t draw, and I’m not really all that funny… So I decided my two passions of geekery and coffee needed a home and the CaffiNation was born. I even delayed doing the first show a couple of months until I had a good intro music. Tonight’s show is going to look back at this past year and pull some of my favorite pieces out. While at the same time giving you a glimpse into what we are thinking for the future.

CaffiNation 465: Scatter Brained


So tonight we hit a lot of notes from this past week. Wikileaks was huge news and I give my opinion and note a couple of places you can find more information. And trust me information is good. The reasons people hide it are the interesting bits. And since we have been hitting the hard topics a bit often of late there is plenty to lighten the mood after that from hilarious video to creepy science. Hopefully you will enjoy the show I have cooked up for you.

CaffiNation 449: Tracking


Tonight’s show has a bit of things you may hear elsewhere, Like Net Neutrality and Facebook Places A bit you may find intriguing like Coffee toothpicks and bits that just had to be shared because of their sheer awesomeness, like a set of filing cabinets… Wait…. Doesn’t sound too awesome? Well you need to listen in to find out why they ARE!