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Steve Jobs

The passing of a giant

Steve Jobs died on October 5th 2011, at the age of 56. The news of which broke not an hour before we …

The Golden Ratio of Apple

I love design, especially good design. And Apple has been a part of some great design in the past 30 years, other …

Caffination 482: May the Fourth


An over abundance of Star Wars related Content, Tasty and Geeky side of the force hard moving from Cookies to Cases, Toys to Toast the fun just doesn’t stop. We have Zombie Safe Houses, Real Life Zombie brain cells, and of course the origen of the zombies. the SMURFS!

CaffiNation 430: Absurd


On today’s show we discuss the video rundown from last week, Lasers, Darth Vader, Knock off Toys, Google drops a lawn ornament, Steve Jobs defends his ideas, and The Grill gets its due.

Cult of Hype

I’m sure if you are even passingly interested in technology news you are probably aware that we are once again on the …

Didn’t Make the Cut 217

New to you: Rick Roll’d, IRL, Toast, Apple, and Mixers There was extra news in spades today as we we’re inundated with …