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CaffiNation 528: Perfect, Hardly


Tonight’s show is all over the map from leftover jokes to British style we hit all the finer points of geekery and wallow in the more base elements of foodery and foolery. The Jokes are fresh and the rhymes are swinging. A huge apology to anyone with sensitive ears, the quality for this show is far below what we usually produce. We had a feedback issue on one of the open mics. The people responsible have been sacked.

CaffiNation 492: A Little Off


This week just feels off. I’m on vacation and I’m not nearly as connected to the internet Pulse as I usually am. Things are happening and I just don’t know about them. But you know what its very good to unplug once in a while. Stretch my legs out and wander around the real world for a while. Today’s show is a breath of fresh fun air into the CaffiNation Lair.

CaffiNation 408: Love Tech


Live and Longer Taping of the CaffiNation episode 408 had everything from legos to super bacteria its a hoot and a half just trying to figure it all out. Great live show with plenty of input from everyone who stopped by thanks so much for making this a special episode!