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Ukiyo-e Heroes: Game Inspired Art

Ukiyo-e Heroes  is a collection of limited edition pieces done by  artists Jed Henry and Dave Bull.  All done in the same …

Sweet Heart Zelda Cupcakes

Via Geek Sweets, Zelda Themed Life Cakes… Err Cupcakes. It’s Dangerous to go alone. Take this! So Awesome. And they look soo …

CaffiNation 534: Been a Long time


There is a lot to go through this week, everything from the past 3 weeks rolled into one crazy quick moving show. X wing’s for beards, stormtroopers on bikes and the best in geek chic, We hit all the high points, cover the coffee and rock out everything you know you’re waiting to find out about an awesome new game.

Zelda symphony of the goddess

So apparently there is a symphony, based on the music of Zelda, and performed by the Pittsburgh symphony orchestra… And its coming …

CaffiNation 528: Perfect, Hardly


Tonight’s show is all over the map from leftover jokes to British style we hit all the finer points of geekery and wallow in the more base elements of foodery and foolery. The Jokes are fresh and the rhymes are swinging. A huge apology to anyone with sensitive ears, the quality for this show is far below what we usually produce. We had a feedback issue on one of the open mics. The people responsible have been sacked.

Table for NES Gamers

If you haven’t realized, I am a BIG Nintendo fan. So when I see a coffee table designed to look like the …

Google Quest Prank

Google Maps has pulled off yet another great April Fools Day prank. I didn’t even realize this until two days later. As …

CaffiNation 519: Fit to be Tied


Tonight’s show we rock out the minutia, and hit the nonsense hard, and of course talk about geekery and coffee along the way. More than the past couple of weeks tonight’s show is a real shoestring production. We have things from all walks of the internet jam packed into one awesome show just for you.

CaffiNation 512: K


We find ourselves with a ton of news and only so many hours a day to read it all in. The reviews are flowing once more, we have a fresh fire lit under my can and a wonderful outlook for the holiday season. This show has some bad jokes some good laughs and some wonderful discussion. All in a nights work. You really owe it to yourself to make the live show. We do our best to throw down a good time!

Legend of Zelda on Marimba

If you don’t know, I am quite the Legend of Zelda fan. So when I saw this video, one question came to …

Celebrating Zelda with Gold

As a big fan of the Legend of Zelda franchise, I know that whenever Nintendo wants to celebrate one of the releases, …

CaffiNation 492: A Little Off


This week just feels off. I’m on vacation and I’m not nearly as connected to the internet Pulse as I usually am. Things are happening and I just don’t know about them. But you know what its very good to unplug once in a while. Stretch my legs out and wander around the real world for a while. Today’s show is a breath of fresh fun air into the CaffiNation Lair.