Coffee is a funny thing. The more I drink it the better I feel, the better I feel the more I want to drink it. So I guess its a self sustaining prophecy of sorts. However prognosticator of prognosticators it isn’t know for being. Unless you had a greek grandmother reading your future in the coffee grounds (More on that another time) Coffee has never really been put forth as a sooth sayer, or a sayer of anything, soooth or otherwise.


How about the weather? Yup you read that correctly. Your coffee, or tea if you are so inclined, can actually predict the weather with a fair amount of accuracy. You see pressure is a funny thing. And atmospheric pressure is all around us. And actually deforms the surface of our beverages. The surface tension of coffee (tea, water ect) holds or grips the sides of a mug when placed in it.

And when you pour your coffee you can get bubbles. Here is a trick. The higher the pressure is the more concave the surface of the coffee is in the mug, more pressure is a good thing. Higher pressure means nicer days. The lower the pressure is the flatter, or even more convex the surface of the beverage becomes. Depending on where your bubbles are the barometer in your mug is telling you what type of day you will be having. Bubbles always go to the highest point on the surface, so if the center is higher then the bubbles go there, same goes for the edge.


Or to simplify

Bubbles along the edge (center of beverage lower than the meniscus)

  1. Concave [High Pressure]
  2. nice weather

Bubbles in the middle ->center of beverage higher than the meniscus

  1. Convex [Low Pressure]
  2. bad weather

Bubbles FLOAT, so will move to the highest point on the surface of the beverage:

All well and good but what about other less common weather patterns? I have your cheat sheet right here.

  • Coffee cup sees it’s shadow – Sunny, spring may be on its way early
  • Coffee cup doesn’t see it’s shadow– Cloudy, possibly 6 more weeks of winter
  • Coffee is splashing: Rain
  • Coffee is splashing with added ice chunks – Hail
  • Coffee surface moving a lot – Earthquake
  • Coffee has rhythmic ripples – Imminent Dinosaur attack, Beware of T Rex
  • Coffee under water – Flood
  • Coffee Blinking– Lightning
  • Coffee difficult to see – Foggy
  • Coffee is impossible to see – Night-time
  • Coffee covered by pollen – Spring
  • Coffee covered by leaves – Fall
  • Coffee is Frozen – Winter
  • Coffee cup empty- People in general vicinity are in mortal danger evacuate


See the more you know! Who knew coffee could tell us sooo much.

by the by if your bubbles look like this you are probably mediating. I think it looks like a Yin Yang… but that could just be the coffee talking.