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Looking for a new website? Or perhaps looking to refresh of your current one? We can help!

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Our Story

Do you like good design? Do you need some of it in your life? Let us help. Puzzle Piece Productions is a one-stop shop for customized  graphic and web design.


PzP was founded in 2002 and has been providing custom graphic and web design services since then.

The CaffiNation is one of many projects that we work on. It’s all about the love of well-managed design and getting eyeballs on your content.  You bring the content, we make it look as special as it should be.

We Serve Delicious Design

Much like the coffee this site is dedicated to, our design is handcrafted, and slow roasted. We work with our clients to make sure the final result is sweet, strong, and bold. Just look at our portfolio.

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Paul R Muller

I like to make pretty things. I watch shiny things, and blinking things. I drink black coffee. But most of all I love working on design problems. 



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Philadelphia, PA