Product Reviews

This page outlines the standards all products will be held to when reviewed by the CaffiNation

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Product Review Promise:

All products submitted to the CaffiNation Podcast will be put through the full length and breadth of real life working conditions. Unlike other review website we stress each product we test the way we would anything we would buy ourselves. We do not guarantee a favorable review, nor a positive result. But we know that the reviews that come out of this testing environment are more truthful and showcase good products better.

Standards: We review products based on three main criteria.

  1. Does it live up to the marketing promises?
  2. How well does it do its job?
  3. Is it worth the money? or Would I buy this product?

Should any grave concerns or problems arise we will contact the submitting company prior to posting the article. As a reviewer we are more than willing to work with vendors regarding their submissions should the product receive an unfavorable review. However we do stand by our assessments and barring a defective product we will not change its outcome.

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The CaffiNation Podcast is a subsidiary of Puzzle Piece Productions. Puzzle Piece Productions is a content creation and consulting company founded in 2002. Puzzle Piece Productions offer a full range of services including podcasting and new media creation, consulting in such areas as IT Infrastructure planning and implementation, graphic and web design, software and hardware training.

Looking for past reviews?