The Coffee Float

Hearkening back to the days of Root beer floats, warm summer nights and the cooling draught slinking down your throat? But damn it all you still need something to give you a shot in the arm? Then I have just the beverage for you. A coffee float. Amounts and mileage may vary, so play with the amounts to alter to your liking.

  • Take a nice tall glass, preferably chilled. Add about 2 thumbs widths of milk to the glass, probably about 3 oz, but I rarely measure.
  • Add one teaspoon of instant coffee, level rounded or whatever your taste may be to the milk, do not stir. You can also subsitute 2 oz of very strong coffee.
  • Slowly pour Cola (Pepsi, Coke or whatever) over the whole mixture being mindful of the foam.
  • After your glass is just about full take a spoon and gently stir the whole concoction. You should notice a “head” of dense foam beginning to appear at the top of the glass. This is good.
  • After the foam has settled a little bit enjoy.

A relatively simple drink but oh so delectable upon the pallet.

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