Team Fortress2 is a fantastic game, filled with madcap hilarity and non stop action. Released in the Orange Box  originally  along with the original Portal, there are a great many fun little includes in the gameplay. One of which is depicted in this gorgeous little animated short. When a medic stands behind you “charging” you, you are invulnerable. I rank this game up there with Halo 2 in terms of multiplayer fun. Its just doesn’t stop.

The  recipe  for any awesome  experience  is simple gameplay, well defined  control  sets and loose controls over everything else. People make their own fun. This short announces that Team Fortress2 will be free to play online from now on! For Mac or Windows! I know what I’ll be doing. What a wonderful way to advertise Steam, then to offer an  insanely  popular  game for free. In Valves own words, For Freekin Ever.

YouTube – ‪Meet the Medic‬‏.