Black Gold

Black Gold is an amalgam of several different ideas. It started out as a way to make the best instant coffee beverage. It blossomed into a caffeinated kick in the stomach lining. Too many of these bad boys can give you an express ticket to the antacid isle. But they do the trick when it comes right down to to final goal we had in mind. We wanted to create a high quality, good tasting Strong caffeinated drink. We feel we have met that goal.


You will need the following items. Brand is not important but the idea is.

  • The best instant coffee you have, We prefer Chock Full of Nuts traditional blend.
  • Instant Espresso: Medgalia D’ Oro for us.
  • Cinnamon: Powder or sticks
  • Ground Cloves
  • Sweetener, Sugar, Splenda, ect.

Now my favorite part. Mix all of the dry ingredients together in a dry glass. stir well with a spoon, breaking down the larger crystals of the instant coffee, mixing everything completely. Now Many people skip this step and end up with a shoddy product so look lively.

Now Either boil some water or run the tap until the water is quite hot to the touch. and slowly pour the water in. Do not stir after you put the water in. Let the motion of the water gently do this for you. If you do this correctly then you will see a light foam appear at the top of the glass.

Drink up. Beware that most times the spices fall to the bottom of the cup after a bit so there may be a bit of residue down there. Drink with Caution, and enjoy.

Images to Come