With the Gears of War saga coming to an end, Calibur11 has decided to bring out something special for the occasion. Calibur11 is a company that enhances the style and  productiveness  of the Xbox 360.

For the release of Gears of War 3, Calibur11 will be selling this scary, but unique vault, also known as a case. The design is creepy enough to keep the light on at night while playing video games. With the “Bleed Out” custom paint, a controller cradle, and an infected omen, this will certainly grab the attention of gamers worldwide.


What makes this vault so special is that the infected omen. It lights up in 4 different modes. It will tell you when you are down by glowing red. What also makes this purchase special, is that in each box, is an  opportunity  to win a life-size Gears of War Cog-armored suit. The only downside to this product is that it only fits the Xbox360 Slim. For $89.99, this is  definitely  a purchase for a true gamer, and a fan