I like the idea of art, its just the practicality of it bothers me quite a bit. The more I look at some of the truly awesome people in the world doing awesome things the more I find comfort in their work. Bansky does some incredible work, and lives a life  separate  from his art, despite all of it. Hey he could even be Tony Blair for all we know. People would argue Banksy might loose all popularity if he came out of hiding, But on the flip side the space is full of obsessed “me first” people. Uploads to Deviantart and its like usually end up circulating among you’re clique, and not beyond. Try as you might those pieces won’t live beyond your circle. I’m part of the problem. I upload stuff to collectives and move on, I hope something catches fire and people pay attention, but I don’t actively curate the work of others, and this is my fault, as much as it is yours. Have you spent time giving kudos where they are needed? Looking with a critical eye at others stuff, stepping outside your comfort zone? I didn’t think so.

On the Advertising side, people are using their creative edge to bring vision to life to gain actionable and reliable reactions from people. People buy things, or talk about a book / author. And the PR people are puppeteering  all of it. Leaves you in awe of their work.

The Response is more creative than the original

As a complete aside: What gets me about the original is that is doesn’t exist anymore, all the urinals turned on their side you have seen in  museums, and left you wondering about Dada art, found art, or modern art in general? Replicas…