We all have phones, some of us have laptops, and an even smaller subset of people have laptops, phones and tablet devices. No matter what the tech heavy media tries to tell you it is hard to offord all of those things on a modest budget. Which is why you won’t find all that goodness under my roof. And no matter how pretty everything is not everyone even needs all that tech.

However this concept is a game changing one.  Imagine buying all three devices at  once. A Bento box is a self contained lunch popular in Japan, everything you need from beverage to  utensils  is usually inside. The Bento Box tablet system is every pice of digital techno gadgetry any well heeled geek would need in that day.

Each device is a subset of the others. the phone acts as a trackpad, the tablet acts a keyboard and the laptp screen stays where ti is. The designer suggests content aware design being that no matter what you are doing on one surface when you remove it from the docs it informs to other pieces of the state, Reading newspapers on the go, and plugging in to read to fine print.

I would love for  this  to become a design reality. I need for this to become a design reality. And of course fi we are  talking  pie in the sky awesomness then the other two slots are available for solar charging and an SSD. while a solar panel of that size wouldn’t honestly do much this whole thing  is  a concept so lets just imagine the possibilities.

Bento Laptop Tablet Hybrid by René Woo-Ram Lee » Yanko Design.