Wave of the future or messy addiction? This gizmo uses a shortwave radio reciever to create what they dub very slow scan TV. The machines is a Canvas of ink filled bubble wrap. It is able to create 1 frame of Video per day. At 24 frames per second you can make a 30 second commercial in 720 days, or 1.97 years… AT very low def i might add. with shifty color…

Ok at some point its not tech and its just fun because we can. The scanner travels back and forth across the canvas which is a giant roll of bubble wrap injecting dye inot each bubble. The problem is that TV is don in RGB,  percentages  of Red Green and Blue, as the three primary colors of light. Pigment doesn’t work that way so they need to use Cyan Magenta and Yellow dye to create similar colors. CYM. Which is the same set of basic inks most printers use. Bigger images and a video of the contraption in action after the jump

This would be a fantastic way to explain printing and color theory. otherwise its just awesome that it works, no matter how slow! I know my wife would have a field day popping all of these