When I found Buckyballs, a bunch of pebble sized balls made from rare earth magnets, it wasn’t long before I had to get it. And when I did, I had nothing but fun for weeks. And I still have fun to this day. Recently, the company who sells Buckyballs have brought out a new product, Buckycubes.

Buckycubes is made of the same material as the Buckballs, and is said to be just as fun, if not more. I just recently purchased the Buckycubes, so I haven’t had long to play with them. However, the short amount of time I have had, they are quite amusing to toy around with. For $24.99 at ThinkGeek, this really wasn’t a bad purchase.

Although it is too soon to say so, I think the Buckyballs are the best of them all. With the countless amount of shapes that can be made, the one challenge I have for myself to accomplish is to make the triforce out these cubes.