There was a time owning a piece of steampunk goodness meant that your or your friends had to have talent and tools at hand. Now thanks to Richard Nagy, the Datamancer if you have Money instead that will work just fine too. The Datamancer is selling custom steampunk machines for $5,500 dollars a clip, which is a discount on the price of future runs of the product. Nagy expects the price to end up being around $7,500. Which while it is a lot of money for a latop, considering the skill craftsmanship and time it takes to get a dell to be a delight it isn’t hard to imagine the labour being on the pricey side.

If i had disposable money these would ┬ádefinitely ┬átempt me. Especially considering each model comes with a Key Shaped Steampunk USB drive, it would be like your very own steampunk Voltron! If this is your thing be sure to check out the Laptop Preorder section of Nagy’s Site!