Sometimes the truth hurts. other times your eyes don’t really show what is happening in a picture. no matter what side of the police photography debate you find yourself on you can see how police officiers would see cameras as weapons, they can assasinate a career, they can ruin a life, almost as quickly as the gun this thing is pretending to be.

I realize in a perfect world Police would not have to fear having their picture taken while on the job, but actions can be easily misconstrued, ┬ápeople are not perfect. And sometimes things need to be done to get bad people off the street. I’m ok with all of that, and i do really see both sides of the debate, but man alive if this isn’t a powerful image.

Reading the comments in the article its also pretty scary how people view cameras in general as weapons and tools of  malevolence.

To Lighten things up I offer a fun video fo a Shutterbug War (Battle at F-Stop Ridge)

H/t to Bujak for the awesome video

How Police Officers See DSLR Cameras.

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