Flowers are a wonderful gift the problem with the gift is that they can only be enjoyed in one place, and that shipping them from place to place is exensive and hard to do.

Flora is a digital flower vase, with a 3D projector and scanner in the base. So any flower you put in the vase will appear in the Vase’s twin remotely. The condition of the flowers is even linked so forget to water at your own risk. The design goes a step further by adding in the ability to ave messages and audio and mood lighting  affixed  to it as well.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would pick a wildflower for your mom on the way home? You thought this was the coolest thing, and were overjoyed t be able to present her with it. Imagine years later being able to do the same thing with flowers from your garden. Or if you buy your wife or husband flowers (Hey husbands can get flowers too an’t nothing wrong with it either) Have them sent to work, and they can live on, and be enjoyed at home.

‘flora’ digital flower vase by yoshiki matsuyama – ‘FUJITSU design award 2011’ shortlisted entry.