There are a great many  obstacles  in my way when it comes to  net books. One being the system specs are a little low for something I would use. Because i tend to run a ton of different applications all at once, it comes with the  scatterbrained  territory, deal with it. And the other  being  the size of many hands and fingers. Small little keyboards, no matter how well designed just don’t work with my hands. I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland at the wrong Tea party.

So the system specs aside, I can always try to work at either a  slower  pace  or  just doodle on the side while the computer catches up wouldn’t be the first time that happened. But the keys are addressed in this spiffy concept design from Yanko. The iWeb has a  fold-able  keyboard and so many other features, if they got rid of the nubbin mouse and had a trackpad I’d be all set! Make sure to check out the full specs at Yanko

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