Its time again for Form over function Friday. Where We like to emphasize a piece of design work for what it looks like rather than what it can do for you. I’m also always on the lookout for new wallpapers and open your eyes to some great Podsafe Music, and I love to create my own wallpaper while listening to the music. So I figured I’d share the wealth and hopefully you might find this interesting enough to use yourself.

Today’s piece is a bit of fun I compiled down while listening to DJ SteveBoyett‘s GrooveElectric Podcast. If you like to run then you are probably familiar with Steve’s Podrunner podcast. Its an amazing show, 1 hour of solid BPM mixes. I like techno, I like house, But I Love the New Old Funk in Groove Electric. I throw these mixes on while I’m working, typing and writing to get a solid and grooving backtrack to my work.

If you even the slightest bit on the edge of liking good electronic mixes spun by a professional like no other you owe it to yourself to check out any of Steve’s 3 podcasts, or catch him live if he happens to spin in your area.

This was done while listening to his mix from 2/22/2008 Called Spike the Punch. The work came out a little weird for me but I still like it. See if you can pic the elements apart. Moon Landing Footprints anyone?

noparking1.jpg noparking-wide.jpg

Standard Wide Screen

If you enjoy these little jaunts into my mind then please feel free to drop a note or email me. If the opposite is true then please let me know if you think I’m making a fool of myself as well. I like to think of Fridays as the time I can open your eyes to new podsafe music, or podcasts you might find interesting through the window of my work. I work on these pieces while listening to music and I find that the Music quite often inspires a certain type of result.

~Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People