You didn’t think I forgot did you?

Nope this Highly caffeinated piece was inspired by some good hard rocking Podsafe music. The Groove Mind’s hate Box.
I wanted to play the song Hate box on my podcast, because I love the deep, dare I say merciless hard driving guitar running through the entire Song, however I run a clean show, and there are just one too many little gems in this song. The Groove Mind has been featured before but I was listening to Hate box while I was playing around with some 3d modeling applications. If you don’t mind a little spice in your music then I can highly recommend check this band u, specifically this song. Groove Mind is on the Podsafe Music Network as well as Myspace. Sean, the “sole driving force” behind the band has posted some even more shredder style guitar antics over at myspace. Its no accident that Yngwie Malmsteen is one of the man’s influences. Good stuff all around.

render_job_14.jpg | render_job_14_wide.jpg

4:3 Ratio Standard Wallpaper | 16:9 Ration Wide Screen Wallaper

When your someone, like myself who “Rides the wave” of a constant caffeine high you tend to type faster, focus more, and go quicker than you should at times. This piece is actually a confluence between that natural tendency that I have, and the introduction of hard driving music. I was working on very delicately laid out vector drawing and made the mistake of aligning every single segment on the art board to the left hand side of the document. And again in my haste I saved that work instead of saving it as a copy. Obliterating the previous design. But i kept this work for two reasons. One I think its actually better than the previous version, which has been lost to us. And secondly because I take this piece as a example of why i should slow down and think while working. Its great to be fast, but it doesn’t help when your only making mistakes.

This is an older piece of mine, not directly ascribed to the music, rather I found music that speaks to how i felt during the creation of this one. A different spin on the concept of Form over Function Friday but non the less still valid in my book.

Because I can, here is an awesome Clip of Ynwie from Youtube, Impressive doesn’t even cover it.