I’m going to give this concept a thought. Since I do so much graphic design that doesn’t ever speak to me I’m going to try and release one design a week, on Friday for your enjoyment. please be gentle some of these may be a bit raw, and unworked. First up is a great wallpaper I designed while listening to some fantastic Podsafe music called The Delicate Art of Noise Pollution, by one Henk de Kruyff. Henk is good people, and does some awesome musical work. Check out his Blog and Podcast here. Its not unusual that while I’m playing around with Photoshop the music starts to affect the work coming out. A little angry art never hurt anyone. But this was a smooth tone, that calmed a lot of the frustration I was having in coming up with a good piece. I’m still not sure if its done But I welcome any feedback people would like to give.

Widescreen Version | Standard Version

connection-wide.jpg | connection.jpg

So thats it. Just a short little post on Fridays explaining how I came up with whatever I’m releasing and hopefully people will enjoy