Today is a special day.

Everyday is special but today is the first full day that the silliness over at Twitter has truly embraced @TeamCoffee. So in honor of our first full day on the planet I figured a Form over Function Friday dedicated to the team as an inspiration as well. Form Over Function Friday is a recent tradition here at the CaffiNation Podcast. Basically every friday I take some element of Podsafe, independant music, and work it into a design which ends up as a wallpaper, available to you for your download enjoyment.

For the podsafe music in my head while I worked on this? Well last night I was kicking around a little Ryan Shupe and the rubberband. They are a fun band to listen to so it made embracing the nonsense even that much easier. They have a light hearted style with a unique sound, which is perfect for our little cadre of well caffeinated people.

For the CaffiNation Regulars who may not know what this nonsense is about i direct you not only to the brand new team page at the top of the site, but my original posting on the matter as well.

On to the Fun

teamcoffee.jpg | teamcoffee-wide.jpg

4:3 Ratio Standard Wallpaper | 16:9 Ration Wide Screen Wallaper

Enjoy, The green color is C0FF33 and the Brown is Coffee Brown. Feedback is always welcome and their are more graphics to be had over the team page. Want to submit a graphic click the email me button to the right of this post.

Stay Caffeinated People. Go Team Coffee GO!