How often have you said to yourself, man if i could only get some time away from the office i could get in shape quick! Well self that time is now, provided that you have an extra 599 dollars laying around. I work and sit almost 9 hours a day in the same boring old office chair. It would be awesome to have a device like this to get a little stress relief built in.

Much like some of the more celebrated Herman Miller Sayl chairs this device uses a complex weave fo bungee cords to support your  desk-bound  body and it too is made from 95% recycled materials. While I am hesitant to spend that type of money on anything that doesn’t beep or have  flashing  lights it does seem to fit into the price range of luxury chairs. I’d even love to playtest a chair for a while given that my large frame needs a bit of  support  to go with the design.

And hey if people get too out of control it has a built in lasso to bring them back to the table!

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