Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler struck design gold. Their school project was to create an ad campaign for a major  museum, the Smithsonian, was either assigned to them or chosen. but what followed after was  nothing  short of awesome. They created an engaging campaign blending the modern cultural references with their ancestral superiors.

Ozzy has a potty mouth, But how does Andrew Jackson strike you?

The campaign got so popular that the Smithsonian itself contacted Jenny.  Unfortunately  they are so short sighted they don’t want to be connected to the project. Read more about the  nitty and the gritty here on Jenny’s blog. Not a good choice gentlemen, this could have been huge. This could have been the PG version of  Baddassoftheweek (Awesome site but not for the easily offended)

My favorite piece was the Ozzy/Jackson one. There may be people  among  you who have a poor feeling on the  Genghis  Khan poster, given that most of his conquests, well were conquests and not willing. Jenny responded to that very  valid  criticism  by saying that the posters were supposed to engender conversation, and they do that. It would be very easy to craft an  exhibit  to showcase the differences and the horror that Khan wrought across the world. (KHHHHHHHHHAAANNNNNN) sorry couldn’t resist

I  sincerely  hope that some other forward thinking educational institution takes the mantel up and runs with it. Oh the places you’ll go. If you’re interested in finding larger versions to print check Jenny’s Website for the PDF



via Historically Hardcore