Its that time again folks. Yes Holiday themed wallpapers are yours to have and hold. I’m a fan of the minimalist style of most wallpapers and these are a product of the wish to have a clean desktop. I hope you enjoy the Holiday Themes. And I do mean Holiday, Christmas and Hanukkah are both present and I was working on a solstice wallpaper but couldn’t get the images right, if it comes to me I’ll pass it along. Until then I leave you three different wallpapers in both Wide screen on your right hand side, and regular monitor sizes on your left.


Regular Screen   —-   Wide Screen

menorah –   menorah-wide

Regular Screen   —-   Wide Screen

trees–  trees-wide

Its been quite a while since I was able to put out a decent Form Over Function Friday. For those of you not familiar with what this is i listen to music constantly while I work and sometimes I get a song or a genre into my head while I’m working on things and the music takes over. Basically I release wallpapers inspired by music or powered by the tunes I   am listening to at any given point in time. I usually try to link to the music. Today is not going to be a day where i am able to do so. I have been listening to holiday music pretty much non stop these

One word on the Hanukkah wallpaper, I’m not quite happy with it yet i don’t know if its done or not I may end up posting a new version later, your feedback on any of the offerings is greatly appreciated. Until Later, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and be kind to each other.