While it doesn’t look like much beyond a cross-bred swamp boat and rocking horse. This beautiful contraption is the prototype for Chris Malloy’s Hoverbike. Yup you heard correctly. A crazy Australian designer/engineer has put together a prototype which he postulates should be able to hit speeds of 170 miles per hour, heights of 10,000 feet and a place in all of the hearts of urban commuters everywhere.

It is classified as an ultralight so you don’t need a pilot’s license, just a helmet, a  parachute  and a healthy  respect  for the law of gravity. Chris said that at a production clip of around a hundred a year they would run at $40,000 each… You know what that is a steal. Its a prius, and it flys! Take me to work on a sweet hoverbike! Hells yeah. No word of fuel economy, but its a hoverbike. Have i mentioned its a hoverbike? This right here t the precursor to all the flying cars we have  collectively  been  promised  in our lifetime. Its could solve my daily traffic nightmare of 16 miles taking an hour to drive, because some jackwagon had to text at 7 am instead of watching the road.

Chris we all can’t wait to see what happens! Good Luck. Reading on his page this is all a self funded project so if you happen to know a millionaire, who wants a hoverbike send him that way, or if this millionaire happens to really enjoy coffee send him my way ;-)

via Dvice