We have seen Lego Art, LEGO sculpture, wonderous Constructions and Lego Murals. But up until now the LEGOs themselves were the art, or possibly a video if the lego was part of an animation. The piece itself was also a singular entity, its not like you can take a replica home without a massive amount of effort on your part. Enter a new player in the world of LEGO art.


Lego letterpress.  Samuel Cox and  Justin LaRosa the team from Physical Fiction have worked together to make a different type of type. Letterpress involves rolling ink onto blocks of wood, object or other shapes to create a work in relief. In this style the objects are LEGO and the result is fantastic. But judge for yourself. These brick’d up pieces of art are beyond awesome in my book. I wonder what the world has next for LEGO?


Lego Letterpress Prints | CMYBacon.