Evan is a 5-year-old with an aging ride. His whip is the Lightning McQueen powerwheel. My own kid wanted one of these so bad, but he’s also extremely tall for his age and doesn’t fit in the seat so well. But Evan’s dad is a bit more handy than I am, and solved one fo the more pressing problems… POWER

You see, a powerwheel has a top speed of a dead slug, and only has enough torque to move a 30 pound kid. Heavier kid? Wheel spin, and as any good drag fan knows wheel spin means you’re slow off the line and someone else is riding home with your car.

Evan’s dad pulled the tires, the battery, the drive system, the pedals and hell even welded a new frame, and a diamond plate floor into this car. Threw a helmet on his kid and let it ride! This thing is now an off road beast! Coolest dad of the week award goes to… This guy