People are striving to be more and more green in their everyday Lives. One of the things which has long since bugged me was the disposable culture surrounding Technology. Things have a built in period of usefulness and then have a planned obsolescence ahead of them. It is with this concept and some idle hands in place I went to work finding new ways to use the detritus left around the IT Systems Manager’s Office and fill a void at the same time. I’m working on bigger and better for later on. On one hand I’d like some feedback and on the other I’d like to remain ignorant in my assumed talent.

I would also like to say when I’m working on big projects at home and in work, i try to keep my hands busy while I’m pondering courses of action, hence what you see here.

The pieces are arranged in order of complexity. Less Pieces? Higher on the list.
keychain Key Chain fob. What self respecting tech hasn’t thrown a key ring on a stick of old burned out ram? These Keys are 512 MB of PC100 SDRAM baby. They could install xp. and hold the meeting rooms keys. Just not at the same time

This one is more than a little obtuse. This is a PowerPC upgrade processor for older Mac G4’s. The two upright pins and pretty blue processors with exposed leads lend itself to holding business cards quite well don’t you think? I replaced the Work business cards with Puzzle Piece Productions cards for this photo, as they are more relevant to posting here.

Dscf0419Part of a Mac G3 broken screen is on the left as an Anti glare screen, One huge window is to the left of the picture and this allows me to work on my servers with the blinds open in my office. Its the little things that make a Tech’s Office a Tech Office.
This Beauty is the one i get the most compliments on. People love it and secretly lust after their very own LCD clipboard. The very same laptop that gave us the glare screen above also donated this LCD. Small Note here. Remove the lamps from both sides of the LCD, and tape off the edges to make this safe to use. I’ve never had a smoother writing surface, and the clip is an office standard Paper Clamp.
Even the phone gets in on the act, but stripped down to its bare parts. Not much else to see here. but it still works!
The Final Stop on this tour de force is the Office Caddy V1.0. I already have ideas on how to make this one better in the future, so stay tuned. The build quality on this is also not my usually superb stuff. But this is a series of old 3.5″ disks. A CD Case, and a stick of ram. Its bigger than the ubiquitous coffee mug for pencils, ect. And it has the added bonus of holding one or two cd’s on the underside of the whole system.

Like I said Stay tuned for more in this line in the future. I also have a small article going up over at the Traveler’s Mug concerning the Art versions of these. No function over there but better form. Should be posted shortly.