I love the retro gaming and  nostalgia  based stuff that is going around as much as the next guy but you have to wonder where the line for good taste is. I think tetris / tetrino  shelves  like these are fantastic, and seemingly quite functional. Hey i might even convince a non gamer wife to let me put them on the walls. This is a good kind of retro.

However you also have to oddball gadgets like the Pacman potholder. Form and function need to go hand and hand. Although I guess if you are big enough fan anything will help  sate  your appetite for all things PAC,

A Nice and hungry addition to any cabinet but would it actually hold a hot pan without burning you? The world may never know. You should check out some of the other products  listed  on the rundown from mashable, some we have talked about before like the tetris Magnets, and others haven’t made it onto the show. For good or bad Retro is here to stay



16 Rad Retro Gaming Accessories for Your Home or Office [PICS].