Tigerpause444, the designer of these helmets took children’s toys, sliced them up a bit glued drilled and shimmied the parts into place around real motorcycle helmets. And the finished product looks mighty cool. I’ll give you massive design points for putting together something so close to being accurate with only children’s toys as your basis for the designs.

My son has one of the Iron Man helmets. it barely fits my head, the scale is all wrong, and the viewing angle is horrible. the Master Chief one seems to be a bit more feasible of a creation. I like the  ingenuity  of these pieces but as the article warns any modification to a motorcycle helmet is against DOT regulations, and can actually result in a fine or death if you happen to be in a crash.

Me? If I drove a motorcycle? I’d keep the kids toys at home to admire and fool around with at my  leisure. And I’d wear something to protect my dome on the road. Some things you just don’t mess with.

And this is the Toy Helmet, on Steve… Dressed as a Bunny…. Because we can

Impressive sci-fi motorcycle helmets light up, change your voice | DVICE.