Last year I started to carve a dragon, and messed up a bit. Put a hole in the other side of the pumpkin. Only one thing left to do when you mess up. Make it into something amazing. What dragon was bitten by a hole in the side of the mountain? None other than the chief of calmities Smaug.

This carving probably took about 15 or 20 hours to get it done right. And it more than a bit obtuse since all you can really see on the pictures is the Dragon. But I loved this.

If you’d like to see the rotation this video doesn’t really do a good job, but it works well enough.

And the rest of the gallery has the full story. I need to find inspiration for this year’s pumpkin. Not sure what road I’m  going  to go down, but I only have a week elft to figure it out. What are you carving?