You wouldn’t think it but bricks are particularly complicate things to make. But they are, You need to harvest and process the clay, strain form dye and fire them, and the you’re left with a marginally effective building material. Despite the Little piggies obvious success using them, there are much better materials out there, just non as readily available and inexpensive.

Imagine a world where the primary building material were mushrooms. Well it might not be too far off. When mushrooms grow the tiny fibrous root system that supports the fungi is called Mycelium. Apparently when dried this stuff is tougher than any proverbial nails. Non toxic, water resistant (something most bricks really aren’t) and mold resistant to boot. So in reality it could be used as support beams and insulation i the same home. Smurfy! A company called Ecovative is trying to bring this unusual building material to the public.