Romain Jerome has done some funky stuff, but this is funky fresh.

Coming in two  flavors  the Space Invaders watch comes in full on color or authentic monochrome each to a limited run of 78 pieces each. this was done in homage to 1978 being the year that space invaders came out.

This watch is fused with actual pieces of the Apollo 11 capsule, and the space invader’s design is  reminiscent  of the moon lander with its four ball and socket joints at the corners. Talk about out of this world!

No word on price I could find, but it has pieces of the Apollo 11 inside… Iprobably can’t afford it. You might have a problem too. People who can afford this stuff have other people to read blogs for them, lets be honest here

Space Invaders Watch | By Romain Jerome | inStash.

H/t to  InsanelyGaming