Everybody has played Rock’ Em Sock’ Em at least once in there life time. Personally, I prefer the red guy, also known as the Red Rocker. Now as an adult, you wouldn’t mind playing the game, but you need to have it a little more exciting. Well, the people over at Hammacher Schlemmer has given us the ¬†opportunity to enjoy such a treat, with what is called “The Bionic Bopper Cars.”

Powered by a 12-volt battery, a Honda engine, and controlled by 2 joysticks, and bumpers surrounding the bottom, these Bopper cars can last up to 5 hours worth of battle. To see these things driving down the street, although funny, would be impossible to achieve. These cars only move about 3 mph. These bouts take place in a 16′ sq. steel frame. For a price of $17,000, you could own a set of these. ¬†